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Revenue managment

Stop Leaving Your Money on the Table

You're Managing. But at What Cost?

Are you:

You’re Managing. But At What Cost
Setting your rent rates blindly, sacrificing rent rate for occupancy?
Collecting rent payments with paper checks (and having to track it all manually)?
Starring emails to save leads (and losing hot ready-to-sign-on leads)?

There’s a better way to do that!

Things like these are costing you–and your investors—thousands of dollars in revenue alone.
And when you factor this into the asset value, you can be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Double-down on Your Revenue Management with a

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The result?

Every Step in Your Resident Cycle
Primed to Perform

Resident Cycle

Resident Cycle Workflow

Get it Done.
Accurately. Efficiently. Effortlessly.


Level Up Your Operations = Level Up Your Revenue

We’ve tried-and-tested softwares and workflows on over 900 properties – and we’ve cracked the code. Plus, with Terra implementing your custom set-up, upleveling to an operational platform is simpler than ever.

Resident portals

Tenant screening

Lease agreement

Rent maximization

Payment processing

Application workflow

Custom correspondence letters

Lead generation tracking / CRM Set-up

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Maintain meticulous records, hands-free

Because we’re the ones processing all the transactions, your numbers will always be organized and up-to-date in real time.


Plug your money leaks

Just one typo on a lease charge can cost you thousands of dollars a month. That’s why at Terra, we check every charge against the lease agreement for accuracy before we post it.

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Keep track of your collections from your inbox

In today’s climate, staying on top of your collections is more important than ever. With our weekly customizable reports you’ll be able to see your metrics in real-time, measure them month-over-month, and analyze trends to get actionable insights.

Make a request in less time it would take to tell your secretary.

And get it done in under a day.

Just fill out the form with curated questions, so we’ll have everything we need. Submit. Done.
You’ll get a follow-up notification letting you know it’s been completed. And you can track all your requests in real-time on TerraDesk.

Revenue Management Requests:

Unit transfers

Move-in/Move-out requests

Payment adjustments

AR adjustments (concession, late fees, etc.)

You'll get:

Same day completion

Need-it-now emergency service

Live chat with a specialist

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Your revenue is the cornerstone of your business.
Don't lose it to inefficient operations.

Ramp up your revenue with Terra

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