What if you could run your operations on a robust cutting-edge platform, without doing any of the work to maintain it?

As the ONLY hybrid tech platform + financial backoffice

We help real estate operators and investors maximize their NOI, with less time, money and effort.

The Terra Story

We know real estate. So we know exactly what you need to get the most out of your portfolio.

It started like this:

As a property manager pre–Terra, I experienced the issues firsthand:


the staffing issues


the messy accounting


the software overwhelm


the inefficient operations


the Google sheets (the Google sheets!)


the mounds of tedious (but important) paperwork

Yes, there was the option to hire specialists and build an operational platform in-house. But it was prohibitively expensive. The learning curve was steep. And what about hiring and training staff?

Account Managers Illustration

I knew there had to be a better way

One that was:

a) easy to implement

b) affordable to use

c) all-inclusive

Account Managers Illustration

And so, Terra began with the mission:

Target image
Provide operators with an all-in-one-everything-they-need solution to run operations at highest efficiency.

Operational consulting?

Technology consulting?

Technology set-up?

Accounting services?

In-depth reporting?

Onboarding service?

Joel Weinberger Signature

We’re a team of 80+

Software specialists, bookkeepers, real estate consultants, cpas, account managers, underwriters

helping business owners like you uplevel their portfolios with less time, money, and effort!

Get to Know Us

Joel Weinberger Headshot

Joel Weinberger


Joel had always been surrounded by everything real estate + he always wanted to open his own business, so when he saw the need for a full-solution platform, he jumped right in and opened Terra. He’s also underwritten hundreds of successfully syndicated multi-family deals–an outcome of his combined industry experience and his background in finance (he holds a Masters's in Accounting).  When he’s not doing something real-estate related, he enjoys spending time with his family.

It all comes down to this:

Solving old problems in new ways.

Naftali Hellman


Naftali’s ability to see the big picture (take every last detail into account) and turn that jumbled mess into organized systems both for our clients and internally makes him a superstar, in our eyes (and the perfect CEO). This is even further complemented by the strong personal relationship he builds with each client. With a Master's in Accounting + vast industry exposure + the ability to think past what’s always been done, Naftali is uniquely positioned to innovate strong operating frameworks for Terra and real estate companies.

It all comes down to this:

In order to create solutions for clients, you need to first get to know them well - their business goals, their preferences, their operations.

Seema Gruman avatar

Seema Gruman


An energetic and driven administrator, Seema builds and oversees all the accounting systems and processes at Terra. Aside from being an accounting genius (she finished her Master’s in Accounting with a 4.0 index and her CPA at 21), her past experience in real-estate operations gives her the unique ability to construct financials that tell a clear story of a businesses' finances (so our clients tell us). Her other interests include cooking, shopping, and spinning (at 6am!).

It all comes down to this:

Accounting is not just number-crunching. It should tell the properties’ story and be the perfect marriage between operations and finances.

Rochel Gruman avatar

Rachel Marcus


Rachel has been with Terra since the very beginning–and is the battery powering all of Terra’s operations (was, is, and will be). Ever solution-oriented, her main focus is to make sure all our operations are running smoothly, from ensuring our team members are fully trained to fulfilling every last client need, and everything in between.

It all comes down to this:

Exceeding our clients expectations with spectacular service to ensure their success.

Terra Firma Truths

Service is #1 icon

Quick, friendly
service is #1

It’s a fast-moving industry with lots of moving pieces. We help you stay ahead of the game.

Business decisions icon

Decisions aren't a guessing game

They should be based on data. Clear, easily accessible, trustworthy data.

Better systems icon

Better systems =
better margins

Do it once, do it right. It’s worth getting set up right to maximize the value of the property.

Leaders, not followers icon

not followers

If there’s a better way to do it, we’re doing it. We stay up-to-date on all the latest softwares and are always innovating better practices.

Our Story

July 2015

Terra is Born

Joel sets up a real estate back-office for a company in NY.  The company saves boatloads of money and boom: Terra is born.

Sep 2015

The Need is Real

The need is real, so we add Bank Reconciliations and Accounting to our service.

Feb 2017

5,000 Units

We hit 5,000 units AND get our first out-of-state client.

June 2017

A Better Way to Communicate

We take on our first Garden Style Community–and create a unique system to communicate with teams on-site.

Jan 2018

Our First Commercial Property

We sign-on our first commercial real-estate client, and create systems for commercial accounting functions like CAM billing.

March 2018

Add Operations

We’re going nationwide! We get our first west-coast client and build their operating system as well, becoming the only service + operating platform in the industry.

May 2018

We’re Growing

We open a satellite office, and are now up to 40 employees.

June 2018

Launch PurchasePro

We launch our own purchasing platform, PurchasePro, and the feedback we get clearly tells us: we’re onto something great.

January 2020

20,000 Units!

We’re hitting numbers we’ve
never seen before: 20,000 units, and over 30 clients.

June 2020


We roll out our propriety help desk software, TerraDesk. It’s an instant game-changer.

Sep 2020

Our clients are going places

Our clients are closing deals–and we onboard a record 53 properties in just one month.

March 2021

Launch OneBoard, our Onboarding Portal

Onboarding new properties is smoother than ever with OneBoard, our proprietary Onboarding Portal.

We’re not done!

We’ve got more in the works!
We’re constantly developing new technology and services to increase efficiencies and help boost your bottom-line.
Up Next: Weekly Operational Report


Do it all with Terra.

Run efficient operations +

double-down on your business growth.

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Here to Serve You

Department Heads

Ariella Kraft

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Avigail Gordon

Batya Gutmann

Chaya Rothenberg

Devorah Greenwald

Elisheva Fox

Ariella Kraft

Director of Finance
Ariella loves a good challenge–and running Terra’s accounting department gives her just enough stretch. On a regular day, she masterfully juggles our clients’ and employees’ needs to make sure everything gets done. We’re still waiting for her to drop the ball.

Breindy Willner

Onboarding Director
Briendy oversees all aspects of the property onboardings at Terra to ensure a smooth, streamlined and a 100% fool proof transition. Her MO? There are no shortcuts–you need to be super-organized and triple-check every detail for accuracy

Chava Halberstadt

Director of account management
Chava is the Director of Account Management, responsible for supervising and developing our Account Managers. Her responsibilities include maintaining a motivated and productive team, optimizing processes, and providing a special customer service connection to clients. With her extensive experience and expertise, Chava is committed to achieving success for Terra and our clients.

Sara Ritter

Director of Revenue Management
Always going the extra mile to ensure that our client’s operations are running perfectly, Sara is the core and backbone to each of their success! Sara runs the Revenue Management department and can tell you about the latest move-in as if she processed it herself. When not at work, she enjoys working-out, shopping, and spending time with family and friends.

Temima Krischer

internal support lead
Temima is an inborn go-getter and novel problem-solver–the answer to all our clients Yardi troubleshooting questions. She oversees all the Yardi support at Terra to provide quick solutions so our clients operations are always running at optimum performance.

Tovi Indik

Accounting Supervisor
A passionate team player who is always ready to help, Tovi oversees the financial reporting as well as supports our new staff. Tovi adds tremendous support and value to our Account Managers as she bridges the operations and financial reporting. She enjoys art and nature in her free time.

Yocheved Levi

Implementation Team Lead
Yocheved is the driving force behind our signature service “up and running the day you close”. With a lets-make-this-happen attitude, she takes care of our clients with white-glove service and makes sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Senior Accountants

Hillel Groner

Esther Breski

Hadassa Stern

Jack Munk

Leah Rozenfeld

Mali Raitzik

Michael Stern

Simon Press

Nechama Leitman

Shifra Shmagin

Ginni Rottenstreich


Hadassah Friedman

Chana Engelstein

Evelyn Lieber

Miriam Drebin

Naomi Leff

Naomi Wagshall

Ricki Mermelstein

Rina Appel

Ruthy Yagan

Sarah Klein

Etty Frankel

Zehava Ganchrow

Account Managers

Chani Sonenzon

Adina Flagler

Sara Wainbrand

Hindy Friedman

Sushmita Osei

Yocheved Kallner

Shaindy Berglas

Teri Amsel

Accounts Payable

Gitty Grossman


Gila Benaim

Avigail Gordon

Batya Gutmann

Chaya Rothenberg

Devorah Greenwald

Tehila Elbila

Rachel Grosz

Miriam Heimlich

Rivka Greenwald

Rivka Kestenbaum

Tziporah Stepen

Sara Adam

Sara Oppenheimer

Revenue Management

Yehudis Glustein


Basya Lieberman

Batsheva Bader

Batsheva Bastian

Rachel Cywiak

Chaya Sara Fischer

Michal Finski

Shoshana Polak

Tsipora Cohen

Matty Snyder

Chavi Gottesfeld

Onboarding and Support

Esti Holtz

Fridi Elefant

Gaily Berman

Amy Weichman

Etty Langner

Leah Grossman


Aviva Celnick

Bank Rec Specialist

Beth Godfrey

Executive Assistant

Devoiry Heilpern

Bank Services

Esther Sussman

Bank Services

Hadassah Friedman

Payroll Specialist

Kevin Trencher

Utility Specialist

Michal Scheriber

administrative Assistant

Shiffy Weldler

Bank Services